Testify The Remixes (album)

Following high demand across dancefloors world-wide this summer, the Dan Thomas ‘Testify’ dance mixes finally see their official release.  The track also appears on the OneMoreLab2 Compilation album, chosen as one of the hottest dance tracks in Europe this year. A duet with   Sugababes’, Amelle Berrabah and K-Syran, the Dan Thomas dance mixes of this controversial track,  was released on Intimacy Records on October .   ‘Testify Dance’ has been whipping up attention across dance floors world-wide this summer as it’s addictive house vibes entrenches itself as a firm favourite within DJ live sets.



  • Realease Date: 2 Sep 2016
  • Catalog: Dance Pop
  • Label: Intimacy Records
  • Format: MP3

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