Smoke In My Veins (album)

Smoke In My Veins’ was recorded at the legendary Metropolis Studios, and showcases a delicious melodic fusion of Classical, pop, rock, jazz and techno influences  – all of which blend gorgeously together to create K-Syran’s distinctly unique sound. K-Syran nurtured her voice as lead vocalist for a number of groups, but it is as a solo artist that she is enjoying the greatest success.  The album delivers a collection of though-provoking musical master-pieces which burst into life as the layers of the tracks unfold upon the listener.  The album also includes the massive US Billboard Chart hit ‘Hello’ as well as the anthem for ‘International Women’s Day’ ‘Intimacy’.


  • Realease Date: 8 August 2016
  • Catalog: Dance Pop
  • Label: Intimacy Records
  • Format: MP3

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