About K-Syran

“I’m dizzy I’m dizzy every time you throw that smile at me Turn the key and you drive me wild Never fall on the sound of speed I’m dizzy I’m dizzy every time you exhilarate my dream”

K-Syran may not be a household name yet, but with a US Billboard chart hit, three Top 10 dance smashes and a successful debut album, she is well on her way. Rapidly becoming a “discovery “amongst the cool DJs in Europe, American audiences are about to follow in the footsteps of countries who have already embraced her hooky-get-up-and-dance brand of pop. With her newest single, “Dizzy,” both K-Syran and her song will be on everyone’s lips this summer.


K-Syran has always had a passion for creativity. Even as a child, visionary ideas drove her, and at every stage of her life, being artistic has played an important role. Her father, a professional drummer and multi-instrumentalist, always encouraged her to sing whenever, and wherever, she could, her stunning soprano attracting immediate attention. It wasn’t long before K-Syran was cast as the lead of every school play. Her voice carried her places she never thought she’d go, becoming the lead vocalist for many up and coming acts around Europe, including a jazz group in Montreaux, a rock group in Geneva and a UK tour with pop band Blue, who had three number one albums in Europe.


Not able to satisfy her creativity with only music, K-Syran is also a Director, a contributing writer to Huffington Post and an actress, having appeared in Voyage in the Dark at the Young Vic in London and the film “Don’t Miss the Cup” with Tasmin Grieg. As a playwright, she was nominated for “Best Play” at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence In Conflict with Breaking the Silence. In March, 2016, K-Syran was honored to perform her song, “Intimacy,” on International Women’s Day live from Yamaha Music London. The track, off her acclaimed debut Smoke in my Veins (2015), celebrates womanhood and serves as a ‘call to arms’ for women to celebrate their femininity, sexuality and beauty regardless of their age. The song was nominated for “Best Anthem for Women’s Day” by the United Nations UK.


At the time she said, “The power and joy of song has the ability to comfort and inspire each individual, whatever their situation may be, which is why I’ve given my song ‘Intimacy’ as a gift to every woman.”


Writing lyrics, and using it to express her feelings, is something that K-Syran tries to do daily. “I write lyrics everyday. I could become inspired by a quote, an image, a smell, a feeling… melodies will suddenly pop into my head and I will record them on my phone. When I work in the studio, I’ll bring my lyrics with me and start to improvise. From there, I pick out the best of the improvs and record them.”

Which brings us to “Dizzy”…


Working with composer-producer Eric Alexandrakis, and recording in various places around Los Angeles, Colorado, and Switzerland, the song is the next evolution for K-Syran. A bit of a throwback to the amazing dance music of the mid 90s – think Ace of Base and Haddaway – the song is nothing but pure pop paradise.


“I was originally inspired to write “Dizzy” because I had read something about panic attacks. I have a friend who gets them badly, and I wanted to know how and why they happen. After reading, it began to fascinate me how your body can just stop functioning when your emotions get too strong, so that was the starting point of the song. I also get an incredible high when I perform, like a surge of adrenaline, and I connected the two. I love, love, love the creative process! It is so fulfilling to make a new song, and working with a great producer like Eric made it even more fun.”


Joining K-Syran on “Dizzy” is famed drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, Slash), the incredible bassist Garry Gary Beers from Grammy Award winning band INXS and LA based guitar whiz Robb Torres. Legendary engineer Eric Thorngren (Robert Palmer, Bob Marley, Talking Heads, Cyndi Lauper) recorded the drums. Said producer Alexandrakis, “I’ve been recording Steve a lot with a 1950’s Gretsch kit, which has the nicest kick drum sound, and we used it on “Dizzy.” Garry played his signature GBB bass, which he designed, and it sounds amazing. K-Syran wrote a really great tune, she just has a knack for writing hooks, which gives a lot of space to play with in the arrangement.”


This mix of “Dizzy” was produced specifically for the US Market, and K-Syran can’t wait to take her music out on the road. “I love performing and interacting with my audience, empowering people through music. This is really the reason I do this, to share with fans. The opportunity to express myself, and touch other people while doing so, is an amazing feeling. I am thankful every day to be able to live out my dream.”